A report presented by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation suggests that about 7,48,000 cars were stolen in 2018. This is leading to a huge revenue loss. Well, these numbers are alarming. It’s high time for you to take some concrete steps to protect your prized asset.

However, before that, you should know the common types of motor theft. Uniform Crime Reports has identified mainly six types of auto theft such as-

  • VIN Scams
  • Theft for joyriding
  • Selling stolen cars
  • Selling of stolen auto parts
  • Carjacking
  • Reselling stolen cars

There are other common incidents related to deliberate vehicle damage such as smash and grab and car break-ins.

Whatever be the reason, you need to protect your vehicle against all kinds of theft and damage. So, what’s the solution?

The best way to resolve this grave issue is to install advanced car alarm systems. The introduction of smart keys has put a brake on the increasing incidents of auto theft through hot-wiring.

The smart keys are based on the computerized system making use of the sensors and microchips that automatically unlocks the car’s door and start the engine without using the key. They come in different shapes like plastic cards but they are keys. Get the best deals on electronics accessories from the best online marketplace for sellers and find everything as per your needs.

Today all major car manufacturing companies are providing smart keys that prevent motor theft.

Factory Installed Alarm Systems

Some car security systems are in-built and pre installed directly from the factory. These include-

Keyless Entry

This is one of the most convenient systems for the drivers where they can easily lock and unlock their vehicles even from a distance of 30 to 40 feet. Smart sensors installed in the car will monitor locked doors. If someone manages to open the door from inside, the alarm will send you an alert.

Car Alarm

In case of any intrusion, the car’s alarm system begins to ring alerting people that someone is committing a theft. Most of the cars use their horns as an alarming system. In addition to these couple of measures, there are some other advanced security features that prevent your car from getting stolen.

Advanced Keyless Entry

This is an advanced version of the keyless entry vehicle protection that helps you to unlock your car even from a distance of 1000 feet to 3 miles.

Impact Detection

Another way to secure your vehicle against theft is to install dual-stage shock sensors. These devices can identify two levels of impact. Both levels offer warning sounds from the alarm siren.

Theft Deterrent LED

You can ask your technician to install a small LED close to the front of the car. When your doors are locked, the LED will blink a particular color light telling the thieves that the car is protected by a theft-deterrent LED. So, in most cases, they will drop the idea of stealing your car and flee from the place.

Starter Kills

This is one of the unique ways of protecting your vehicle against theft. The starter kill is a device that disables your car’s starter until you disarm your security alert system. Even if the thief somehow manages to get a duplicate car key, he won’t be able to start the engine until the security system is not turned off.

Tilt Sensor

One innovative security system that has increased car alarms for sale is the tilt sensor. This is a unique way to protect your car against smashing and grabbing or getting the wheels stolen. The DAS automobile provides a tilt sensor that adjusts every time you lock and arm your car. If the system detects a tilt of 1-2 degrees, the alarms will be triggered.

Smartphone Application

With technology escalating higher, car security systems are getting more digitized. There are many mobile applications enabled with Artificial Intelligence and IoT that will immediately send an alert as soon as your car is getting stolen.


Car alarms and security systems have become a boon for vehicle owners today with an increasing number of theft incidents. You can also look to protect your car speaker systems, which have become a prime target for thieves.