Your vehicle forms an important part of your daily life. Protecting your vehicle from damage and burglary via a car alarm is important. Car alarm systems are a great investment towards the safety of your vehicle.

Car alarm systems have several uses. They can-

  • Avoid vandalism or auto burglaries
  • Stop your vehicle from being stolen
  • Secure your property
  • Protect you in an emergency
  • Give you peace of mind

Some car alarms are designed for universal deployment and can be installed in almost any vehicle model. If you find 'car security systems for sale' look for other functions such as a remote start feature, or monitoring services like location and GPS tracking.

A car alarm is a major deterrent for thieves and vandals, and it draws attention to those who despite the warnings, tend to breach your house.

Components of Car Alarm Speaker Systems

A car alarm system is usually integrated with the speaker system of your car. Such car alarm speaker systems consist of:

  1. The control module, sometimes referred to as "the brain"
  2. A siren that blares when triggered
  3. An antenna for receiving remote signals
  4. Remote to monitor the functions of the alarm system
  5. Additional sensors for features such as impacts or collisions

How Do Car Alarm Speaker Systems Work?

Push the button which arms your system when you leave the car. You hear your doors lock and a chirping siren informs you your car is secure. The system warns you with a different sound if you accidentally leave a door ajar.

You feel confident, secure, as you walk away. The first thing that a thief sees when approaching your car is a flashing LED telling him your system is fitted with an alarm.

If the thief tampers with your car, he will get a warning beep or a full siren blow. The "brain" of the security system determines what sort of alert to send the thief based on the severity of the intrusion and the type of sensors tripped.

Use the remote to disarm your device and unlock your doors or pop open the trunk when you return to your vehicle. You can even sound the siren with the remote if you cannot find your car.

Now that we’ve learned how car alarm systems work, let’s try to understand how to pick the correct car alarm for your vehicle.

How To Select The Right Car Alarm System?

You can select a car alarm based on these considerations.

One-way or Two-way Systems

A one-way system only sends instructions to the vehicle from the remote. A two-way system, on the other hand, always sends information back to the remote. It can show when the alarm has sounded, whether the doors are locked or unlocked, and inform you if the alarm system successfully received your remote order.

Two-way systems come with various configurations. The most common is remote with an LCD screen that shows the status of your vehicle, whereas a lower version has only one blinking LED light and sounds beep for certain functions. A higher, more costly version allows you to get updates from your car alarm on your mobile.

Alarm System Options

Once you determine if you want a one-way or two-way alarm system, you will have to decide which solutions you want to add as part of your alarm. Keep in mind that any additional options will cost you more for installation, and may also cost more for the initial purchase.

While the alarm system usually runs on the remote alarm alongside the power door locks, it can be mounted without actually operating the door locks. If your vehicle doesn't have power door locks, installing an alarm system won't allow you to remotely lock and unlock the door locks.

Just like unlocking your doors, if your vehicle is equipped with a power trunk and the trunk opening option is included with the alarm installation, you can actuate the trunk release with the alarm remote.

A proximity sensor works by warning people with a chirp from the alarm siren if they get too close to your vehicle. This sensor helps you to identify any front and rear obstacles, or any objects on and above the road to help prevent danger.

When you're nearby with your two-way alarm remote, a proximity sensor will also detect and automatically disarm the alarm and unlock the door.

Shop Around for Brands and Compare Prices

Once you have chosen which options are best for you, choose a number of different models and begin comparing. Compare brands and prices. Make sure the brands are reputable and trusted, and their prices are competitive. Some well-known brands include Python, Compustar, and Viper. Ask about any warranties too.

Ask about installation. It's recommended that you have your new alarm system installed professionally, as they can be complex to be done manually. Be sure to ask about this service and how much it will cost.

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Although it may take some research to get it right, buying a car speaker system is one of the best things you can do for your vehicle. All the effort is worth the peace of mind you'll get at the end.

Even after you have added an alarm, another important thing is to contact your car insurance provider to let them know about your car speaker system. You may be entitled to a discount on your car insurance premiums on the basis of increased and better protection for your car with proof of its installation.