The volume of storage space inside the computer is the number of images, videos, files, and everything else you might hold in your device. When your hard drive has reached its disk space limits, your machine may run slowly and might not be ready to install additional programs. There are a few easy things you can add to boost the storage capacity.

To Increase The Storage Space of your Machine, You have a Range of Options:

Running out of storage space on your PC? Here are effective methods at hand to create space on your C drive and make it easier to find the programs and files you actually use.

1. Transfer Virtual Memory to Different Drives

Windows uses the feature of paging file to serve as an extra RAM. It helps to improve the overall machine speed. To enjoy an improved space requirement, you can transfer it to another more space-saving hard disk drive.

2. Get a Larger Storage Device

Hard drives gradually become more inexpensive over time, so adding an External Hard Drive for Laptop is relatively simple for someone acquainted with computer hardware. You need to learn what sort of hard drive regulator your device has, whether it operates with an actual hard drive controller or allows an external hard drive. Not all IDE hard drives can run with new IDE drives.

3. Backup Non-Essential Data to a New Storage Unit and Remove the Old Copies

Significant portable storage devices keep getting cheaper, and it is essential for exploring buying compact storage. USB flash drives and portable hard drives are popular methods for preserving files, although they are steadily growing in volume and diminishing in scale.

USB flash drives are compact data management and transmission products. They come in a range of sizes and prices and can accommodate 1 to 32 GB of data. Portable Hard Drive Enclosures are a great place to back up all the data on a more permanent basis. Such machines have more storage space than flash drives, some of which have 1 TB or more storage capacity.

4. Using File Compression Utilities

You may use the File Compression Tool to compress specific files or folders that you do not always apply. Popular file compression applications include WinZip and WinRAR for Windows machines and DropStuff for Mac OS and Mac OS X machines. Like disk compression tools, you must directly uncompress each file until you can use it afterward.

5. Applying Disk Compression Facilities

While disk compression utilities may double your storage space utilizing data compression, they can crash, causing all your data to be lost. But, if you want this option, remember to back up your essential files to a CD or DVD, external hard drive, other portable media, or a network drive. Also, many disk compression facilities are not consistent with all applications, particularly those that build their disk cache like Photoshop. They can also decelerate your machine, when you save or open files, as the system has to compress and decompress files.

6. Disable The System Restore

System Restore is a feature that helps the user to restore the entire Windows to the stated date and time. It's handy when Windows has a crucial question, and the users don't have any clue how to fix it. The system restore function should take up a cumulative 1% to 2% of up hard disk capacity based on the restore points.

7. Disable Hibernation

Windows Hibernate is a feature that saves everything in memory on our hard drive and shuts it down. When the machine comes out of hibernation, it comes back to its former state. It can boost a lot of computational efficiencies, but it took up a lot of the hard disk space.

8. Automatically Remove all the Unnecessary data

It is the most effective way to free up hard disk space, uninstall log data, database data, internet server backup files, and more. If you decide to uninstall it manually, you only need to figure out where the position of the data is.

9. Incorporate More Memory to Your Machine

Loading more memory or RAM is the smartest thing you can do on your Computer. More memory offers the device an immediate lift.

Loading memory to your machine is an important task. If you're not happy fixing your computer, try making a tech specialist do the job for you. To add more storage of your computer you can buy bomputer motherboard from the best online marketplace for sellers.


The slow performance of the desktop or laptop is the most critical problem apart from many other inconveniences arises due to a shortage of disk space on the computer. Windows requires a large amount of hard disk capacity to store static data while it juggles programs. The less usable size there is, the quicker the apps run. Luckily, adding more room to your desktop or laptop is simpler than you thought.