Do you want to upgrade your media station? Is your instinct telling you to go for a flat or curved-screen television?

Though TVs might sound like the right choice, do take a look at your budget. If you’ve any constraints or want an innovative option, consider purchasing computer projectors instead.

With our projector, you can reap several benefits. You might think of it as an old-fashioned option, but it really isn’t.

To help you with the decision process, our team at Hellabargain has prepared a list of some of the major reasons why you must purchase a computer projector screen for sale over television.

Projector takes to no wall or floor space

With TVs, you either need a stand to hold it or have to mount it on your wall. Due to this, it eats up a lot of space in the room and takes away attention from other accessories.

On the other hand, a projector is compact in size, can be placed anywhere on the shelf, and doesn’t occupy much space.

When you bring home our projector screen, you won’t have to leave any wall empty for it. You can point the screen on any wall and enjoy your movie. You can also mount the projector on the ceiling. This way, you can even use it as a temporary room divider.

Projector offers a bigger screen size

Everybody loves watching their favorite shows and movies on a bigger screen. Isn’t that why people prefer going to the theaters?

When it comes to the size, televisions do not offer a bigger screen as compared to projectors. While you can purchase a 60-inch LCD television without emptying your pockets, there is something different about watching movies on bigger screens.

With our projector, you can screen an image as big as 100 inches on any wall. This is far bigger and better than what you’d receive from a television of the same price.

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Projectors are perfect for throwing in-house parties

Have you been planning to throw a party? Are you thinking of calling your friends over for a movie marathon?

No matter what your plan is, with our projector, you will enjoy a clear picture quality.

Since projectors are compact in size, they can be placed anywhere. Keep it just a few meters away from the wall – an easy coup for recent projectors with a short-throw lens – and let it do the rest.

Projectors have exceptional pixel quality

Back in the day, it was all about the standard definition (SD). Though it wasn’t called that way until it became outdated. Later, with a huge upgrade in the screen resolution, everything became full-HD (after the launch of HD Ready 720p).

Presently, it’s all about 4K as it offers 3180 x 2160 pixels. This is 4 times better than full-HD, which offers only 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The picture quality with such resolutions is exceptional. But it can be enjoyed only when watching on screens as big as 100 inches. And this is possible only with 4K projectors.

Projectors don’t need complete blackout

The moment someone says projectors, all you think of is a complete blackout and tripping over others.

With the latest projector models, they don’t need such conditions. Projectors can also function in a room with ambient lighting.

Just purchase a model equipped with higher lumens. A perfect lumens figure would be around 3000 ANSI.

Projectors can be installed easily

Installing a projector in your house is no rocket science. Just place it on whichever table you want and connect it with a power and HDMI cable.

Some of the projectors do not require HDMI. All you need is a wireless connection that lets you project whatever is on your phone or PC screen. Just make sure you are checking the screen before projecting it.

Projectors are inexpensive

Yes, you read that right! The price of a 4K projector is one of the best features about it. And there are various computer monitors online for you to choose from.

It costs around 13,000 dollars for a First-gen UHD 4K projector. But credits to smart engineering, some projectors, inclusive of HDR support, are available for less than 1500 dollars.

Projectors are easy to carry

Another huge advantage of projectors over television is that it can be carried anywhere.

If your house isn’t available for holding a movie marathon, you can carry it and use it in your friend’s place. Or even better, take it in your backyard and project on any empty wall!


Televisions do have their own benefits. But with screen size being the top-most priority, projectors will remain as the go-to option. So without wasting any more time, get in touch with our team today!