A vacuum cleaner without attachments will work, but it will not clean as efficiently as it does with accessories. Vacuum cleaner accessories not only make your cleaning task convenient and enjoyable but it also helps in expediting the process. You can make your vacuum cleaner more versatile to clean even the ‘hard-to-reach’ areas by attaching specified accessories to it. Although most of the cleaners come with the standard extensions and inclusions, you can always buy useful and relevant accessories as per your requirements.

Here is the list of vacuum cleaning accessories that you should be aware of.

1. Crevice Tool

This tool is one of the most important vacuum cleaner accessories of all as it comes with a narrow nozzle essential to clean the tight spots. You can easily clean the dirt hidden under the stove, at the back of the refrigerator, between the couch and cushion, along the baseboards and in the corners with the help of this attachment. Get the best deals from the best ecommerce marketplace for sellers and find everything as per your needs.

2. Claw Utility Model

Shaped like a wedge, this attachment is curved inwards towards the head. It can efficiently clean both dry and wet messes. This attachment is used to clean campers, boats and car interiors.

3. Vacuum Brushes

Round Brush - it is a simple round brush used with both hoses and wands. It can also be used to clean wood and wooden blinds. It has soft and medium-long bristles which makes it way easier to remove the dust from furniture and TVs.

Multi-angle Brush - this is a more convenient brush used with wands and hoses useful for picking up dry and bulky particles. The soft bristles are ideal for cleaning in the workshop.
Floor Brush- if you are not habitual of cleaning the floors regularly, this brush is your rescuer. This brush is specially made to clean the hardwood floors.

Upholstery Brush - Although this attachment resembles a vacuum brush, its bristles are brittle and long. You can use this brush to remove debris from your couches, other furniture, and armchairs.

4. Drain Hero

Along with other bathroom accessories set you should have this vacuum cleaner accessory in your cleaning kit. This tool is the most helpful in cleaning the bathroom and kitchen essentials such as clogged sinks, tubs, drains, and showers.

5. Vacuum Cleaner Bag

You cannot keep the vacuum cleaner accessories anywhere because either you will end up losing them or they will get damaged. A vacuum cleaner accessory bag can help you place all the items safe and clean in one place. You can keep the bag in the garage, closet, tool shop or any storage facility. You can buy vacuum cleaner bags online at economic deals and discounts.

These are the basic vacuum cleaner accessories that you must have as buying a vacuum cleaner alone is not satisfactory. These accessories also help in maintaining the quality and extending the life of your cleaner. Buying a vacuum cleaner alone is not sufficient when you have to deal with too much dirt in tight spaces. Buy these accessories to make the boring cleaning job an interesting activity.