John: “What’s the time by your watch?”
Lee: “It’s 10:15 AM and by the way Iost two thousand calories today!”
John: “How did you find this out?”
Lee: “It’s one of the cool features of my smartwatch!”

Having a smartwatch today has become more than just a fashion statement. It has become a need for almost all individuals trying to manage multiple things with just one small device. You do not have to pull your mobile from your pocket every time you get a message now. With a smartwatch, you can track your heart rate, sleep activity, and overall fitness level along with getting notifications.

Whether you want to listen to music, share files with Bluetooth or pick calls, you can do it without even looking at your smartphones. All you need is a smartwatch of a trusted brand with required functionalities and accessories. Get the best deals on electronic accessories from online marketplace for sellers and find everything as per your needs. But how do you pick a good smartwatch? Read this blog to find out.

1. Check Compatibility with Your Smartphone

Supposedly, you bought a smartwatch in excitement without doing much research. Now when you tried connecting it with your smartphone, your smartwatch ditched you! Your smartphone is unable to recognize it. It feels frustrating! Right?

To save yourself from these troubles and mishaps, it is better to do some homework before buying a smartwatch. Read about compatibility restrictions, features, and accessories and then compare them with other smartwatches.

2. Check Display

The screen of the smartwatch is the key aspect to be looked for. Almost all the watches come with a color LCD screen or AMOLED display. This helps you view photos, apps and other content in rich and bright colors. But you have to wisely choose between an AMOLED display or an LCD screen as per your preference.

AMOLED displays offer a better viewing angle but they are not as bright as an LCD screen. Also, the primary eats more power and requires you to charge your watch batteries frequently.

3. Design and Personalization

You can buy complementing smartwatch accessories along with the watch to get more stylish. Make sure your smartwatch has all the coolest features that are described by the brand. Choose your favorite design among all the models available. Remember one thing: that comfort counts for a lot, as does the style. So never end up compromising your comfort for the sake of design and the look of your smartwatch.

4. Notifications and Alerts

An ideal smartwatch will alert you about incoming calls, emails, texts, by giving a quick buzz to your wrist. Make the smartwatch you are looking forward to buying has this feature and displays notifications from all the important apps.

5. Fitness Features

If you are a fitness freak, then you must consider buying a smartwatch that is dedicated to fitness. It must be able to calculate and monitor certain health factors such as heart rate, pedometer, body temperature, ECG analysis, sleep and walk activity, calories gained and burnt and more.


Most smartwatches come with color screens that require frequent charging. So you have to consider the battery life too while picking the watch. Most watches use wireless charging which is more convenient as you do not have to plug your device into the charger. Keep all the points described above before buying a new smartwatch.