If the motherboard is regarded as the backbone of your personal computer, you can refer to the computer case as the heart of your PC. The computer case is also called a cabinet, tower system, or a computer chassis. Computer cases include the majority of the components that help in the smooth running of the computer. But it does not include keyboard, mouse, or display.

The computer cases are manufactured from a wide range of materials such as steel, plastic, and aluminum. The steel is the most popular material, which is the electro-galvanized and cold-rolled coil. A few other materials may be used including wood, glass, Lego bricks, etc.

5 most important tips to consider while choosing the computer case

In this blog, I will share 5 most important tips to consider while choosing the computer case.

1. The case siz

The first and probably most important factor that you should consider is the size of your computer case. Usually, computer cases are available in three different sizes.

  1. Full Tower
  2. Mid Tower
  3. Mini ITX 

You can choose the size of the computer case depending on your specific requirements. For instance, if you want to utilize maximum space, then a 20-inch full tower is an ideal choice. But people usually prefer an 18-inch mid tower as it supports both graphics cards and closed-loop CPU coolers. Alternatively, you also have a third option where you can opt for mini ITX.

The best part about mini ITX is that it occupies minimum space and is suitable for basic computers. In addition to the three options, there is a micro ATX, which is specifically designed for gaming cases. But micro ATX also requires you to install hardware.

2. Choosing the case form factor

Like computer cases, the motherboards also come in different size variants. They all need different cases for housing. You can identify the proper size for the motherboard from the case form factors. Some of the common motherboards include Micro ATX, ATX, FlexATX, and others. Also, they are available in various sizes. For example, ATX is the largest amongst all with a size of 12”x9.6”.

ATX is also one of the most popular computer motherboards. Similarly, if we talk about the micro ATX motherboard, it surely requires a small enclosure as compared to ATX. Hence, you require different sizes of computer cases to match the motherboard. Shop a wide selection of computer cases from online ecommerce marketplace.

You also need to note that large computer cases will be downwardly compatible with smaller form factors. But it is not vice-versa. For instance, installing a micro ATX motherboard will allow you to save a few inches of space. Thus, you can look for a tall computer case ranging between 14.25” to 16.50” to install the motherboard.

If you have a space crunch, then obviously you need to look for a smaller case. But a large form factor offers more peripherals and multiple drives. Large cases are best suited for small motherboards.

3. Checking the installation features

Often, the installation of a system in the computer case is regarded as a time-taking process. Not to say that this can be frustrating as well especially if you have to keep on upgrading the cycle. But many companies are manufacturing computer cases that provide simple features to simplify the installation process and make it less time-consuming.

When it comes to simplifying the installation process, you will find features that include removable motherboard trays, drive cages, card mounts, drive rail systems, and many others. Yes, if you are able to remove the drive cages and motherboard tray, the job becomes relatively easier. Similarly, mounting cards and the tool-less system eliminates the need for screws. You can thus save a lot of time for sure!

4. The cooling factor

You may be surprised but it’s true that cooling is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the computer cases for sale. You are quite aware that your computer system radiates a good amount of heat, especially when it runs for long hours. Thus, it’s crucial to cool it properly for smooth functioning.

To provide proper and efficient cooling you need to add one intake fan towards the lower side of the front surface. You can also include one exhaust fan on the higher side of the rear surface. This allows the passage for cooler air, which gets circulated to different heat-generating components. In addition, there are a few other techniques to cool the system. Cooling helps to improve the performance of your computer and increases its life-span.

5. Power supply

With the progress in technology, computer cases have become much more advanced. For instance, a few cases come with an in-built power supply facility. But, you have to buy a computer case that offers adequate power to not only the system but also the USB and firewire hub. In addition, you also need to pay attention to a cable management system, hardware mounting points, sound insulation, and panel construction before buying a computer case.


We have discussed the most important points required while choosing computer cases. You can follow them to make your task simpler and buy the product based on your budget estimate.